Presence is the thing to go for. There is enduring potential in the embodiment of skill and rapport as a dance artist like Matthew Hawkins takes the stage or enters the studio. Meanwhile, here you can read about his achievements and influences.   Matthew's privileged first steps as a child performer in opera and ballet opened his eyes to masterworks and their makers. His education coincided with the first real attempts to develop young choreographers in the UK. Experiment followed; this set him on a personal path to choreographic exposure and eventual renown.
Matthew Hawkins is from London where he started dancing when he was six years old. He trained at the Royal Ballet School (1970-'77) and danced with the Royal Ballet for five years before embarking on independent practice. His freelance career has blended performance in the work of notable choreographers with his own dance-making and teaching pursuits.....   "...a display of rare interest, of real choreographic merit, of original and valuable thought about dance: typical Hawkins in fact."
Financial Times
"...In any other culture Hawkins would be recognised as a kind of genius."
The Observer.
More profoundly than many working choreographers, Hawkins has developed his dance output amid education. He has taught dance technique and choreographic disciplines in Universities in many countries - this represents an ongoing exchange and a connection with broad creative and cultural study.   Currently his practice includes performing, teaching, writing and choreographic assignments. At this point in his career, Matthew Hawkins has influenced many dance artists and others ; he has been entertaining, stimulating and training many people in many places.
Matthew has diverse insights into the essences of dance training; he draws upon his experience and filters this into his work with actors, elders and those with special needs. Meanwhile he gives company classes at the highest professional level and services the freelance community at large, in commercial studio hubs.   Yet there is a mystery about what should happen next - there are a few around of Hawkins’ calibre and maturity.....This website has been designed to expose elements of his archive and to indicate how his current ideas might be spinning.